Adelaide Integrative Acupuncture Introduction

Our human body is a whole system which is connected with each other, so our clinic will provide a totally new understanding about the patients health with ancient Traditional Chinese medicine theory which is totally green with no side effects:

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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs have been used for many centuries in China, and there are around 13,000 medicinals and over 100,000 medicinal recipes recorded in the ancient...


Acupuncture is one of the most effective and natural treatments for health care. Derived from China more than thousands of years ago acupuncture has been...

Meet Our Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Catherine is our fully registered acupuncturist, and Chinese herbal medicine practitioner.

She studied Chinese medicine for ten years in Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, which is the best university of Chinese medicine in China and around the world.

HICAPS Available

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